We will solve your worries before renting a kimono.

A kimono rental guide in Kyoto will answer any concerns or questions you may have before renting, and give you tips for enjoying a pleasant stroll. Get ready to enjoy kimono with peace of mind while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.

Worry about choosing the size: You can rely on the support of kimono rental

It is safe for first-time users or those who are concerned about the size. Our guide staff will help you choose your kimono size. Wear a kimono with a beautiful silhouette and feel comfortable by wearing it properly.

Influence of seasons and weather: Recommended points when choosing a kimono

Recommended kimonos vary depending on the season and weather. By considering Kyoto’s climate and seasons and choosing cool materials and gorgeous patterns, you can bring out the charm of Kyoto even more.

How to wear a kimono and etiquette: A kimono instructor will give you careful advice.

If you are worried about how to wear a kimono or etiquette, you can get rid of it with the advice of an instructor. With detailed explanations and steps, even first-timers can enjoy kimono with confidence. Please consult the staff with any concerns you may have.

How to move and spend your time while strolling: Tips for moving comfortably while wearing a kimono

When walking around the streets of Kyoto in a kimono, it is important to be mindful of how easy it is to move around and how to spend your time. Before you rent, you can have a more comfortable and enjoyable time by knowing how to be comfortable while walking and what to keep in mind.

Creating memories of your kimono debut: How to use cameras and accessories

Making your debut in a kimono will be a special memory. Create even more wonderful memories by using photos and accessories. Enjoy unforgettable moments with the beautiful scenery of Kyoto while taking in the advice of your guide.



Get rid of your worries and anxieties before renting a kimono, and get the know-how to enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and kimono to the fullest while receiving the support of an instructor.


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