Average time from arrival to departure when renting a kimono in Gion, Kyoto

A kimono rental instructor in Kyoto will explain in detail the time and schedule required for a kimono walk in the Gion area. We will introduce you to the points to enjoy the pleasant flow of time and the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.

Advance reservation and reception: the first step to a smooth start

To start renting kimonos in Gion, we recommend making reservations in advance. After making a reservation, please complete some simple procedures at the reception desk when you arrive to get your visit off to a smooth start. Our experienced staff will guide you in a kind and courteous manner.

Choosing and wearing a kimono: A special moment that brings out your personality

Waplus Kyoto has a wide variety of kimonos. Once you find your favorite kimono and have it carefully fitted by our experienced staff, you will begin your kimono debut in Gion.

Considering a walking route: A plan to visit the beautiful sights of Gion, Kyoto

The Kyoto/Gion area is dotted with beautiful sights. By considering your walking route and researching the spots and restaurants you want to visit, you can enjoy your kimono date even more.

Break and photo time: Relax and enjoy Kyoto

While strolling around Gion, Kyoto, it’s important to take breaks and take photos. Relax in a local cafe or garden and take in the beautiful scenery as a souvenir. The relaxed atmosphere will lead to even more wonderful memories.

Return and end: A satisfying and moving ending

Once you’ve finished your kimono walk in Gion, Kyoto, return your rental kimono to the store. The moment you return the kimono that you have carefully fitted is also part of this wonderful experience. It will surely be an exciting and satisfying ending.



Renting a kimono in Gion, Kyoto is a wonderful adventure that will make you cherish your special time. Find out the average time from arrival to departure and enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery on a relaxed schedule.


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