What is included in the regular price for kimono rental in Kyoto

A kimono rental guide in Kyoto will explain in detail the benefits and services included in the regular price. Get ready for great deals and great kimono experiences in Kyoto.

Kimono set: Double the value with a complete kimono set

Regular price includes a complete kimono. We offer a wide range of lineups that you can choose from to suit your tastes, from furisode to kimono to colorful obi. Have your guide carefully put on your kimono and enjoy the kimono set, which is a great value.

Kimono insurance and compensation: To enjoy your kimono date with peace of mind

The regular price includes insurance and compensation for the kimono. No need to worry about any stains or tears. In order to enjoy the scenery of Kyoto without hesitation, we have included special benefits to help you prepare for any troubles you may have with your kimono.

Kimono dressing and advice: Dress beautifully with the techniques of an instructor

The regular price includes dressing the kimono by a kimono instructor who will act as an instructor. You can also receive advice, so even first-timers can explore Kyoto with confidence. Dress beautifully and walk around town with confidence using our guide’s techniques.

Rental time and return: Enjoy Kyoto at your leisure

Regular rates include a certain amount of rental time. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto as much as you like within the time limit. Once you’ve finished your walk, return your kimono to the store and complete your wonderful experience.

Accessories and accessories: Accentuating your kimono coordination

Regular prices also include accessories and small items. It can be used as an accent for kimono coordination, such as obi clips, sandals, and bags. Let’s decorate the streets of Kyoto while enjoying fashion.



The regular price for kimono rental includes various benefits such as a complete kimono, insurance and compensation, dressing and advice from an instructor, rental time, accessories, etc. Please take advantage of these and enjoy your wonderful day in Kyoto to the fullest.


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