Common options for kimono rental plans in Kyoto

Our kimono rental guide in Kyoto will explain in detail the common options to enjoy your kimono even more. By using these options, your kimono stroll in Kyoto will be even more enriching.

Upgrading the type and design of your kimono: Items that tickle your fashion sense

Typical kimono rental plans in Kyoto include options that allow you to upgrade the design and type of kimono from the basic kimono. You can enjoy a more personal style with fashionable items such as long-sleeved kimonos, tomesodes, and colorful obi.

Hair set and accessories: Finishing off your kimono coordination

A typical kimono rental in Kyoto includes hair and accessory options. We have a wide variety of items that can be used to complete your outfit, such as hair styling by a professional hairstylist, obi clips and sandals that match your kimono.

Extended rental time: Enjoy relaxing time

A typical Kyoto plan has a basic rental time, but there are also options to extend that time. You can take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto, or enjoy a special moment at a restaurant.

Exclusive guide and photography service: Enjoy Kyoto even more

A typical Kyoto itinerary may also include a private guide and photography services. A guide who is knowledgeable about Kyoto’s history and culture will show you around tourist spots and historical areas. You can also capture your special moments in beautiful photos with a dedicated photographer.

Reservations for gourmet food and activities: Enjoy your kimono date in Kyoto even more

In Kyoto’s general plan, there is an option to reserve gourmet food and activities to make your kimono date even more enjoyable. You can enrich your kimono stroll by adding special experiences such as delicious local restaurants and traditional tea ceremony experiences.



Common options for kimono rental plans include upgrading the type or design of the kimono, hair styling and accessories, extending rental time, exclusive guide and photography services, and reservations for gourmet food and activities. This will make your kimono date in Kyoto even richer.


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