How much does it cost to rent a kimono in Gion, Kyoto?

A kimono rental guide will explain in detail the prices for a kimono experience in Gion, Kyoto. We will introduce useful information when planning a kimono walk, such as plans that suit your budget, great deals, and points to keep in mind when renting a kimono.

Basic plan price: Enjoy the city of Kyoto easily

The basic kimono rental plan in Kyoto/Gion starts at an affordable price. The basic plan includes common kimono, obi, sandals, bag, etc., so you can easily enjoy the city of Kyoto.

Price differences depending on the type and design of kimono: Fully fashionable

Kimono rental prices in Gion, Kyoto vary depending on the type and design of the kimono. We have a wide variety of items that will satisfy your fashionable spirit, such as long-sleeved kimonos, tomesodes, and designs that vary depending on the season, and prices will vary depending on your selection.

Additional charges for hair styling and accessories: Make your kimono coordination more gorgeous

Kimono rentals in Kyoto/Gion may incur additional charges for hair styling and accessories. You can make your kimono coordination even more gorgeous by having your hair styled by an instructor and adding obi-dome, sandals, and bags that match your kimono.

Option to extend rental time: Enjoy a leisurely stroll

Kimono rentals in Gion, Kyoto offer options to extend the basic rental time. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a leisurely stroll or sightseeing, and by paying an additional fee, you can enjoy the kimono for a longer period of time.

Prices fluctuate depending on seasons and events: Check out information on great deals

Kimono rentals in Gion sometimes have great deals depending on the season or specific events. When making reservations, we recommend checking out deals based on seasons and events.



We have provided a detailed explanation of the general cost of kimono rental in Gion, Kyoto, from the basic plan to optional fees and changes due to seasons and events. Use this information as a reference to plan a wonderful kimono walk that fits your budget.


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