Special information you need to know if you are renting a kimono during your fall trip to Kyoto

This is useful information brought to you by a kimono rental guide to help you enjoy Kyoto’s autumn beauty to the fullest. Stroll around the stylish city wearing a colorful kimono and enjoy the autumn atmosphere.

Colorful autumn in Kyoto: Create a sense of the season with kimono

Autumn is the season when Kyoto becomes colorful. It is a place with beautiful autumn leaves, autumn cherry blossoms, and old townscapes, and by wearing a kimono, you can feel the seasonal spirit even more. Let’s enjoy autumn in the city with its shining appearance.

Popular autumn spots: Must-visit places in kimono

There are many particularly recommended sights in Kyoto in autumn. Visiting places like Kinkaku-ji, Arashiyama, and Gion are even more atmospheric when you wear a kimono. Plan a fun day by knowing the spots you should visit and the photogenic spots before you rent.

Kimono patterns and seasonal feel: How to choose autumnal patterns

Pattern is also an important factor when choosing a kimono for fall. We recommend autumn leaves, autumnal floral patterns, and atmospheric patterns. Enjoy your own style by knowing how to choose patterns that evoke a sense of the season and the key points of coordination.

Traveling in Kimono: How to comfortably travel around Gion and Arashiyama

In order to leisurely stroll around Kyoto in autumn in a kimono, you should also know efficient means of transportation. Check out the access information for buses, taxis, bicycles, and other ways to get around comfortably even in kimono, and enjoy sightseeing without stress.

Great deals on kimono rental: Points and precautions when making reservations

In order to rent a kimono at a good price, there are some points to keep in mind when making a reservation. Advance research and early reservations will lead to kimono rental under good conditions. Get the best deals and have a wonderful day.



If you want to rent a kimono for your fall trip to Kyoto, use this information as a reference and get ready to enjoy kimono in the autumn atmosphere of Kyoto.


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