Emergency response when renting a kimono in Kyoto/Unplanned menstruation when renting a kimono

Our kimono rental guide will introduce you to emergency measures you should know in case of unexpected problems, as well as advice for unexpected menstruation. Remember these points to enjoy Kyoto with peace of mind.

Check before renting a kimono: Prepare for unexpected troubles

Before you enjoy kimono rental in Kyoto, be sure to check the kimono rental terms and conditions and the store’s countermeasures. Emergency response and support vary depending on the store, so it is important to obtain information in advance.

What to bring in case you have trouble with your kimono: Must-have items

In preparation for unexpected situations, it is a good idea to keep essential items in your pouch. Carry small care items such as bandages, tissues, and pocket tissues with you so that you can quickly deal with any emergencies.

What to do about unplanned periods: How to care in case of an emergency

If you experience an unexpected menstrual period while wearing a kimono, it is important to take measures without panic. Stores may have emergency support, but it’s a good idea to know some basic care methods that you can do yourself.

Information to check in advance: Measures taken by rental stores

It is also important to check the kimono rental shops in Kyoto in advance. You can enjoy walking around Kyoto with peace of mind by referring to reviews and word-of-mouth and checking to see if the store has countermeasures and support for unexpected situations.

Contact emergency response staff: An extra step for peace of mind

In the event of an emergency, a quick response is required. By writing down the contact information for the rental store’s emergency response staff and saving it on your mobile phone or smartphone, you can receive support according to the situation.



Please keep these points in mind, calmly deal with unexpected troubles, and enjoy making wonderful memories in Kyoto.


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