Emergency response when renting a kimono in Kyoto/Kimono rental zori slips off

While walking around Kyoto in kimono can be a great way to create wonderful memories, it can also cause unexpected problems. This time, a kimono rental guide will introduce you to emergencies and what to do when your sandals slip. Remember these points to enjoy Kyoto with peace of mind.

Check before renting kimono: Be careful of the thongs of zori sandals

Before you enjoy a kimono stroll in Kyoto, be sure to check the thongs of your sandals before renting a kimono. Avoid problems in advance by checking that the thong is securely attached and that you do not feel unstable when walking.

Causes and preventive measures for slipping of sandals: Pay attention to how you walk

The cause of nasal slippage is also related to the way you walk. By using the entire sole of your foot and walking slowly, the thong will be less likely to come off. It is also important to check whether the sandals are the right size and choose the appropriate size.

Response from kimono rental stores: Consult immediately

If your zori slips, please contact the staff at the kimono rental store immediately. Our specialized staff can provide accurate advice and repair support. Don’t be afraid to let them know so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

How to deal with emergencies: First aid ideas

It’s a good idea to remember some simple first aid measures in case something happens. It’s a good idea to know how to deal with the situation yourself, such as using a rolled thong or using a handkerchief or tissue as a temporary cushion.

Goods to prevent slippage: auxiliary items for sandals

One way is to use auxiliary items for zori sandals. By using commercially available thong keepers and reinforcing sheets, it is easier to prevent and treat thong slippage. It is a good idea to prepare these items in advance.



Follow these tips and enjoy your trip to the fullest in Kyoto wearing a beautiful kimono.


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