Emergency response when renting a kimono in Kyoto/Tips for using the restroom in a kimono

Using the restroom is an essential moment when strolling around in kimono in the quaint Kyoto area. This time, our kimono rental guide will introduce tips and emergency measures for comfortably using the restroom while wearing a kimono. Check out our practical advice to enjoy the city of Kyoto with peace of mind.

Basics of using the restroom in kimono: Hemming and handling of kimono

First, let’s review the basics of going to the restroom in kimono. While keeping the restroom clean by raising the hem, you also need to be careful when handling your kimono. For a smooth toilet time, be sure to know these basics in advance.

Research the toilet situation in advance: Find a kimono-friendly place

Kyoto has many old buildings, and the toilet conditions vary. By researching in advance which toilets are easy to use while wearing a kimono, you can rest assured even when you have to use the restroom suddenly. Some tourist spots and shopping areas have public toilets that you can use for free, so it’s a good idea to check the locations in advance.

Ideas for using the restroom in kimono: How to remove and roll up the obi

When using the restroom, you can remove the obi for greater freedom of movement. When removing the obi, be careful of your surroundings and make sure to remove the clasp firmly. Also, by adjusting the way you roll it and the position of the obi, you can use the toilet more smoothly.

Coping with restroom problems in kimono: What to do in an emergency

In the unlikely event that you encounter any trouble while using the restroom while wearing a kimono, it is important to remain calm. Make sure you know what to do in an emergency and how to contact the kimono rental store. By seeking advice from our expert staff, you can continue your journey with peace of mind.

Stylish tips after using the restroom: Taking care of your makeup and hairstyle

To keep your kimono looking beautiful even after using the restroom, don’t forget to take care of your makeup and hair. It is convenient to have compact cosmetic tools in your pouch.



Keep these tips in mind and enjoy walking around Kyoto in kimono to your heart’s content.


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