Emergency response when renting a kimono in Kyoto/Measures to prevent the collar of the kimono from collapsing

This time, a kimono rental instructor will give advice on how to deal with and prevent problems related to collars coming loose, in order to make your kimono experience more comfortable while strolling around the elegant Kyoto area.

What causes the collar to fall apart: Learn the correct way to wear a kimono

One of the reasons why the collar comes loose is because you don’t know the correct way to wear a kimono. In order to enjoy Kyoto’s kimono culture, be sure to follow the staff’s tips on how to dress properly before renting.

The importance of choosing the size of your kimono: The basics of preventing it from collapsing

In order to prevent the collar from collapsing, it is essential to wear a kimono of the appropriate size. If the size is not correct, the collar will easily fall apart. At rental stores in Kyoto, the staff have specialized knowledge, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Use of collar core: Keep the collar firmly in place

One of the effective ways to prevent the collar from collapsing is to use a collar core. By holding it at the base of the collar, it maintains its shape and prevents it from collapsing. It is a good idea to check how to use the collar core at the rental store.

Collar measures tailored to Kyoto’s climate: Ideas for each season

Kyoto’s climate changes with the seasons. Measures to prevent the collar from collapsing also need to be fine-tuned depending on the season. You can stay more comfortable by choosing a thin collar for the summer and a thicker collar for the winter.

First aid in case of emergency: Use the items you have on hand.

Make good use of the props you have on hand as an emergency measure in case the collar collapses. For example, you can use hairpins or hair ties to fasten the collar to save yourself from emergencies.



Please follow these tips and enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery to the fullest.


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