Emergency response when renting a kimono in Kyoto/Preventing your kimono from falling apart with beautiful demeanor

This time, our kimono rental guide will focus on how you behave in your kimono and introduce emergency measures to prevent your kimono from wearing out, in order to achieve both beauty and comfortable walking.

Basics of a beautiful posture: Correct posture will enhance your kimono

A beautiful standing posture is one of the elements that makes a kimono stand out. In order to blend in with the scenery of Kyoto, it is important to keep your back straight and your hips correct. Before renting a kimono, ask our staff for posture advice.

Pay attention to how you walk: take small steps and move gracefully.

Beautiful demeanor is also reflected in the way you walk. By taking small steps, you can prevent the hem of your kimono from getting caught on the ground and preventing it from falling apart. Be careful where you step when walking on the cobblestones and paved roads of Kyoto.

How to handle sleeves: Create a kimono with elegant hand movements

The way you handle your sleeves is also part of your beautiful demeanor. By moving your wrists gracefully and swinging your sleeves, you can create a more elegant impression. Try incorporating some movement using your sleeves as you stroll through Kyoto’s temples, shrines, and gardens.

Be careful of the wind: Know what to do in case of an emergency.

Kyoto has many quaint places, so I’m worried about my clothes coming undone due to the wind. In preparation for unexpected winds, minimize trouble caused by wind by firmly securing your obi, obiage, and obijime.

First aid in case of an emergency: Carry items to prevent clothes from getting loose.

As a precaution in case of an emergency, it is helpful to carry items that will prevent your clothes from falling out. Be prepared for unexpected problems by bringing hairpins and hem protectors. Enjoy a beautiful and comfortable kimono walk in a scenic location in Kyoto.



Use these techniques to fully enjoy the wonderful moments in Kyoto’s beautiful streets.


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