Emergency response when renting a kimono in Kyoto/How to walk while wearing a kimono

This time, our kimono rental instructor will focus on emergency response and how to walk while wearing a kimono, in order to not only enhance your beauty but also support you while walking around in a comfortable kimono.

Know before walking: Basic movements and points of kimono

When wearing a kimono, you need to be careful how you walk. Wiggle your feet and be careful not to step on the hem. Especially when navigating the narrow alleys and stairs of Kyoto, it is a good idea to check with the staff about basic walking directions before walking.

Advice from local staff: Learn Kyoto’s unique way of walking

Local staff in Kyoto know the local way of walking and manners. Ask for advice on how to navigate Kyoto’s unique locations, such as the cobblestone streets and the approach to the shrine. The advice provided by local staff will help you enjoy your kimono stroll with more confidence.

How to handle the hem and obi of a kimono: Adjustment techniques while walking

In order to maintain a comfortable kimono appearance while walking, the key is how to handle the hem and obi. If you are concerned about the hem, you can move smoothly by taking small steps or lifting the hem while walking. If you are concerned about the band being loose, please adjust it slightly.

Trouble while walking around in kimono: Easy solutions for peace of mind

If you run into trouble while strolling around in kimono, it’s important to know how to deal with it easily. If the obi becomes loose, gently retie it, and if the hem gets dirty, wipe it off with a washcloth or towel. You can also receive prompt support by consulting with our staff.

Taking photos while walking: Take great photos with natural poses

It is also attractive to take photos while walking around in kimono. If you know the tricks to take photos in natural poses while walking, you will be able to leave wonderful photos with the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.



Please follow these tips and enjoy the scenery of Kyoto with a comfortable walk and beautiful posture.


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