What is the Reiwa kimono style? Explaining the frequently asked “Modern Kimono”!


Many of you may have heard the term “Modern Kimono” on social media posts or in fashion magazines.
Modern kimono is a kimono genre that modern people should definitely know about if they want to enjoy Japanese clothing.

This time, it is easy to understand even for beginners.
●Overview of modern kimono
●Points and tips for wearing modern kimono
●Destinations you want to go to in a modern kimono
I will introduce about.

The current Reiwa era is an era where you can try your hand at kimono more easily than ever before!
Please use the modern kimono as an opportunity to experience the fun of kimono and Japanese culture.

What is modern kimono?

Modern Kimono
In general, “modern kimono” refers to kimonos with modern patterns that were not found in older kimonos (classical patterns).

The word “modern” has been used in Japan since the Meiji period, and was very popular from the end of the Taisho period to the early Showa period.
However, when it comes to modern kimono, there is no clear definition such as “kimono made after XX”.

A kimono that combines Western-style modern patterns with classic patterns is sometimes called a “retro-modern kimono.”

Why is modern kimono so popular?

So, why is the modern kimono so popular even in the Reiwa era?
Let’s dig deeper into the charm of modern kimono.

Many unique and stylish patterns and colors

Modern Kimono
Modern kimonos are not bound by the age-old rules of how a kimono should be, so they create patterns and colors with free ideas.
Examples of modern kimono variations include:
●Rose pattern
●Butterfly pattern
●Stripe pattern
●Gingham check pattern
●Checkered pattern
●Fluorescent/vivid color
●Vitamin color
●Simple gray

It is especially popular among people who don’t want the pattern or color of their kimono to overlap with other people’s.

Enjoy a wide range of coordination

Modern kimono comes in many varieties.
Another great thing is that you can easily show off your own style by using accessories such as hair ornaments and bags.
Even a single kimono can be enjoyed in many different ways depending on the person wearing it and the situation.

Can be used as clothes for going out to travel destinations such as Kyoto

If you wear a modern kimono, you will definitely be noticed by the people around you as a fashionable person when you go to a destination like Kyoto!
It’s gorgeous and looks great in photos even when you’re out and about, so it’s sure to become a wonderful memory.

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Can be used as stylish everyday wear

Modern kimonos can be used as everyday wear without looking out of place if you choose the pattern and use accessories wisely.
Have you ever seen someone wearing a kimono on the street and been enchanted by how beautiful they are?
Modern patterns like modern kimono blend well with cityscapes with lots of buildings and concrete, allowing you to enjoy a Reiwa-style look.

Points to wear modern kimono stylishly

However, there are many people who think, “I don’t know how to wear it to make it look fashionable.”
Here are some tips on how to wear a modern kimono stylishly.

Decide on a theme and create a unified combination

A modern kimono that is easy to coordinate with free ideas.
However, combining too many elements can create a cluttered look with no sense of unity.
When wearing a modern kimono, deciding on a theme such as “cool”, “cute”, “mature”, “seasonal”, or “gothic” will make it easier to put together.
You can change the impression with a little thought, such as using hair ornaments in the color used in the kimono pattern.

Enjoy fresh ideas with modern accessories

With a modern kimono, you can coordinate it with Western-style and modern accessories that cannot be matched with a classic kimono.
If you have the opportunity to wear a modern kimono, please be brave and try incorporating modern accessories.
Even those who think that kimono = formal and difficult can enjoy sophisticated and fashionable style!

Click here for coordination examples including modern kimono

[Coordination Edition] List of ideas for stylishly wearing modern kimono

We have put together some coordination ideas for wearing modern kimonos.
Please use this as a reference to find themes and stylish items that are unique to you.

Hyogo obi

Heko-obi is a soft obi originally used by children and men.
It has a more casual look than a typical women’s kimono obi, so it goes perfectly with modern kimonos!
We recommend tying it in a ribbon or flower knot to take advantage of the unique feel of the curly material and the lightness that sways as you walk.

Lace accessories

Lace accessories
When you can see a glimpse of lace through the kimono, it gives a girly impression.
The following are the main lace accessories that go well with modern kimonos.
●Lace neck inner (neck collar with frills)
●Lace gloves
●Lace bag
●Lace fan
●Lace hairpin (hair ornament)

Lace hair ornaments and bags are useful because they can be matched with everyday clothes.

Pearl accessories

Use just a few pearl accessories for an elegant look, and use a lot for a gorgeous look.
Earrings and hair accessories are easy to incorporate.
For those who want to enjoy kimono-like fashion, we recommend matching pearls to the obijime or obidome.

Fur accessories

Fur accessories give the wearer a luxurious and mature image.
In addition to an expensive fur bag, adding a fur scrunchie to your hair or wrist can change your look.

Leather accessories

Leather accessories are one of the items that go well with kimono in general.
If you want to match it with a modern kimono, you can create a unique look by replacing the obijime with a handmade leather strap.

Unique obi clasp

The obi-dome of a kimono is a part where you can easily show off your individuality.
There are a wide variety of obidome types available at kimono stores and online stores, including card-shaped and cat-shaped ones.
It would be fun to choose something that is related to you or the season.

Colorful parasols/umbrellas

Colorful parasols/umbrellas
Colorful parasols and rain umbrellas that go well with modern kimonos will further enhance your style.
If you are wearing a chic kimono, an all-black umbrella is also recommended.
Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day, going out in a kimono will be fun!

[Hair arrangement] List of ideas for stylishly wearing modern kimono

We have put together some hair arrangement ideas for wearing modern kimonos.
When wearing Japanese clothing, it is important to be particular about your hairstyle. Let’s arrange the profile and back view beautifully!


In recent years, barrettes have become popular again among fashionable people.
They come in gold/silver, tortoiseshell, ribbon/fur styles, etc., and are easy to match with any kimono or hairstyle.


Modern kimono and headband
Headbands are famous items that add expression not only to the front of your face, but also to the side of your face!
It is recommended not only for simple bun hairstyles, but also for those who have short hair and find it difficult to create elaborate arrangements.


Hair ornaments with ribbons and flower motifs will enhance your stylish mood.
If you use points at the top of your hairstyle, it will balance out the kimono style, which tends to be heavier towards the bottom.


This retro and stylish beret goes perfectly with your kimono coordination.
Using a beret that matches the color of the obi and collar creates a cohesive look.


The chignon/bun style is a classic kimono style, but the impression is completely different depending on whether it is “loosely tied up” or “tied up tightly without any hairs at the back”.
Even when making a loose bun, the key is to use spray or wax to hold it together so it doesn’t fall apart when you move.

Twisted knot/braiding

Twisting or braiding it will instantly make you look modern and fashionable!
If you combine it with the barrettes and headbands we’ve introduced so far, you’ll have a wide variety of expressions.

String ponytail

A ponytail with a string creates a natural look that doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard.
Try using leather laces or lace laces for a sophisticated look.

Candy hair

Candy Hair
Candy hair looks like a lot of circles.
It’s surprisingly easy to do even if you’re clumsy, so why not give it a try?
Waplus Kyoto’s rental kimono plan includes “hair set”

I want to go in modern kimono! Recommended outing spots

If you have a modern kimono, going out will be even more fun.
Recommended spots to go out in kimono are as follows.
●Stylish cafes and coffee shops
●Fireworks festival venue
●Kyoto tourist attractions

If you want to go sightseeing in Kyoto wearing a modern kimono, the gorgeous area around Gion Shijo is the place to go.
There are many photogenic places, and you can leave a beautiful picture of yourself in a kimono.

Modern kimono can be rented in Kyoto, where you can go out

We have given you an overview of modern kimonos and tips for coordinating them.

With a modern kimono, you can try free and interesting fashion that you cannot do with a traditional kimono.

In addition, at Kyoto’s kimono rental shop Waplus Kyoto, you can select a kimono while consult with a kimono stylist about coordination.
Please feel free to contact us.

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