What is retro furisode? Introducing a retro long-sleeved kimono that you won’t wear with others at coming-of-age ceremonies.

“I want to wear a retro-patterned long-sleeved kimono for the coming-of-age ceremony!”
“I want to wear a retro furisode with a pattern that doesn’t overlap with other people’s!”

Among those who like retro patterns, there may be many who think the same way as above.

Coming-of-age ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime event. After all, you want to enjoy wearing a long-sleeved kimono that’s unique to you and doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

Here, we will introduce “7 distinctive retro patterns” and “images of retro-patterned kimonos”, starting with the question, “What is a retro furisode in the first place?”

I think it will be helpful when choosing a retro furisode, so please read it!

Do not overlap with others! What is retro furisode?

“Retro patterns” are traditional patterns that have been used since ancient times. Particularly representative ones include goldfish, morning glories, plums, and chrysanthemums.

As you can see from the word “retro,” many retro-patterned long-sleeved kimonos have a nostalgic feel that reminds you of the past.

Among those who like retro patterns, there are many who say, “I like the patterns and color schemes that give me a retro Showa-like atmosphere.”

On the other hand, there are also “classic patterns” for furisode.

Classical patterns are slightly different from retro patterns, and are characterized by the depiction of lucky charms such as auspicious patterns and pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms.

Another word that is similar to retro patterns is “antique kimono.”

This basically refers to kimonos made from the Taisho period to the Showa period. It is called an antique kimono because it is actually an antique.

As mentioned above, retro patterns, classic patterns, and antique kimonos each have their own characteristics.

Among these, retro patterns can be said to be distinctive in that they use patterns that evoke a sense of nostalgia, such as goldfish, dragonflies, camellias, and chrysanthemums.

7 distinctive retro patterns

To give you a concrete idea of retro patterns, here we will introduce seven distinctive retro patterns and their meanings.

Goldfish pattern

The goldfish pattern gives a light impression as it swims in the water. Many of you may have scooped goldfish at a festival when you were a child.

Goldfish may give off a retro feel, but they actually have connotations of happiness and abundance.

Additionally, each color has its own meaning, such as red goldfish “bringing happiness” and black goldfish “absorbing evil spirits.”

Morning glory pattern

Morning glories have the image of being ephemeral, but as they grow, they tightly entwine their vines around a support, so it is said to have the meaning of “firm bond” and “love.”

Many people may have even grown morning glories at school when they were in elementary school. Morning glory, which somehow evokes a sense of nostalgia in the hearts of Japanese people, is also one of the popular retro patterns.

Plum pattern

Nowadays, when we think of Japanese flowers, we often think of cherry blossoms, but before the Edo period, when we thought of flowers, we thought of plums.

Plum blossoms, which bloom beautifully in early spring and exude a noble scent, have captivated the hearts of Japanese people for a long time.

Plum blossoms have a slightly more modest beauty than cherry blossoms, and are also one of the plants often used in retro patterns.

Chrysanthemum pattern

Chrysanthemums are often included in furisode patterns. Chrysanthemums may be associated with Buddhist flowers, but chrysanthemums have been used as lucky charms in Japan since ancient times.

The chrysanthemum is considered to be a noble and high-ranking flower, as it is also used as the emblem of the imperial family.

Chrysanthemums are often used with meanings such as “warding off evil spirits” and “extending life and longevity,” and they are also often used in furisode ceremonies to celebrate new beginnings.

The chrysanthemum pattern, which is reminiscent of the sun, is popular not only as a retro pattern but also for furisode in general.

Camellia pattern

Patterns with grass and flowers are called kusabanamon, and one of the most popular patterns is the camellia.

The camellia pattern has the meaning of “unpretentious beauty” and “eternal beauty” due to its simple and unpretentious appearance.

Its design, which takes advantage of the beauty of blank spaces, is also popular as a retro pattern.

Hydrangea pattern

Hydrangeas are famous as flowers during the rainy season. The characteristic appearance of many flowers clustered together has meanings such as “family reunion” and “prosperity of descendants.”

Instead of a single large flower blooming, the appearance of many small flowers gathered together is cute and gives a feeling of coolness and transparency.

Dragonfly pattern

A dragonfly also appears in an old Japanese nursery rhyme called “Red Dragonfly in the Sunset.” It is often used as a retro pattern, probably because it is in the Japanese mind.

Because dragonflies can only move forward, they are also called “kachimushi” and are considered to bring good luck.

This pattern is especially suitable for people who are involved in club activities, clubs, or other activities that involve winning or losing.

Let’s show your individuality with furisode coordination

At the coming-of-age ceremony, I want to wear an outfit that doesn’t overlap with other people’s! If you think so, we recommend that you express your individuality not only with the furisode itself, but also with the overall coordination.

Here, we will tell you about the accessories and shawls you wear when wearing furisode, and other points that will set you apart from others.

・Color matching
Color matching is essential when expressing individuality. You may want to play around with stylish color combinations, such as gold on white or green on navy blue. If you dare to combine most of the accessories with similar colors and add one color that stands out as an accent color, you may be able to create a furisode with a color matching that doesn’t overlap with other people’s colors.
You can create a slightly different look by choosing a hair color similar to that of your long-sleeved kimono, or by asking your hairdresser to style your hair in a different way than usual. Please note that when renting furisode, hair styling may be charged separately.
Recently, many people are getting their nails done to match their long-sleeved kimonos. By being fashionable down to your fingertips, you will be able to perfectly coordinate your ideal long-sleeved kimono and improve your mood.
The collar decorates the chest of a long-sleeved kimono. You can also express your individuality in this part. You can make the color combination unique, and you can also express your individuality by wearing something with embroidery or lace.
The obi is an important item that brings together the atmosphere of the long-sleeved kimono. It is not uncommon for the kimono to look like a completely different furisode just by changing the color and design. Pay close attention to accessories such as the obi lift and obidome, and decide on your own furisode coordination.
・Shawl, stole
Since the Coming of Age Ceremony is held during the cold season, a shawl or stole is essential. Furisode rentals are often available along with furisode, so be sure to choose a shawl or stole that matches your overall outfit!

Kyoto kimono rental plan, Waplus Kyoto

3 kimono images with retro kimono patterns

Here, we will actually rent it out at Waplus Kyoto We will introduce some of the furisode and kimonos that have a retro feel with photos.

・Furisode with a classic pattern on a black background
・Retro kimono with red background and flower embroidered collar
・Retro yukata with classic pattern on white background

Waplus Kyoto carries many furisode with retro patterns like the ones above. All of the furisode we offer are high-quality furisode supervised by a kimono store.

In addition to retro patterns, we also carry Taisho Romantic, antique, and retro-modern furisode, so if you are looking for a retro furisode, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us, Waplus Kyoto

Summary|Enjoy your coming-of-age ceremony to the fullest with a stylish and unique long-sleeved kimono!

So far, we have introduced information about retro furisode, such as “What is a retro pattern?” and “7 distinctive retro patterns.”

Also, since furisode requires a variety of accessories, we also talked about how to express your individuality by coordinating accessories.

The coming-of-age ceremony lasts a lifetime It’s an important day that only happens once. On days like these, the most important thing is to be able to wear a long-sleeved kimono that makes you truly happy.

At Waplus Kyoto, we take care to choose and wear furisode in a way that everyone attending the coming-of-age ceremony can enjoy with a smile. If you are looking for a retro long-sleeved kimono, please give us a call!


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