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Did you know that coordination using lace is popular in recent kimono fashion?
This time, we will introduce methods and tips for coordinating kimonos using lace for those who want to “want to walk around Kyoto in a kimono with lace” or “want to incorporate trends into kimono.” To go.
Please use this as a reference to expand your range of kimono fashion!

Where can you enjoy kimono coordination using lace?

First, let’s think about how to try coordinating a lace kimono.

Renting lace accessories is recommended rather than purchasing

To enjoy kimono coordination using lace, you first need to collect kimonos and accessories.
There are two main ways to obtain lace fashion accessories: purchase and rental.

You can purchase lace accessories ranging from cheap prices to high-end brands. However, it is difficult to judge whether the lace matches the kimono you want to wear or whether it suits your personality, and you may end up using it only once.

On the other hand, with rental, you can get it and try it out at a reasonable price.
The benefit is that even people who don’t usually use lace accessories can easily enjoy coordinating their outfits with free ideas.

At the rental kimono shop, you can choose from lace kimonos and accessories collected by professionals

Whether it’s buying or renting, if you try to assemble everything from scratch, it will take time and money to find it.
However, if you use a rental kimono store, you can easily use modern Japanese lace kimonos and lace accessories!

If you want to incorporate lace coordination into your kimono for walking around Kyoto, please leave it to Waplus Kyoto.
As a store operated by a traditional kimono store, we carry a colorful selection of kimonos and accessories that are particular about trends, designs, and originality.
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Advantages of incorporating lace into kimono coordination

When you hear the word “kimono fashion,” many people may have a “simple and formal image.”
If you are interested in lace coordination, please take this opportunity to think of kimono fashion as something more free and creative.

There are four main benefits to incorporating lace into your kimono coordination:

  • Enjoy a stylish look that is a little different from others
  • You can brighten up the area around your face in photos
  • Can be used not only as a sweet outfit but also as a dry outfit
  • You can create Reiwa trend fashion

Enjoy a fashion experience that is a little different from others

Even though lace coordination is popular, considering the number of people who wear kimono and the whole generation, it is still a minority.
The reason why lace is attracting attention to some people is because it is a useful item that increases the level of fashion. Just a little bit of lace on your kimono can set you apart from the people around you and allow you to enjoy a totally different and stylish look.

You can brighten up the area around your face in photos

When taking photos with a small group of family and friends, or when you want to clearly show your facial expressions in a selfie, you tend to take a lot of shots, mainly bust-up shots (upper body).
Lace coordination is sometimes used for collars and hairstyles, making it easy to brighten up the area around your face.
The lace will brighten up your look and make it look great in photos!

Can be used not only as a sweet outfit but also as a dry outfit

The range of lace coordination is not limited to sweet and cute styles.
By using black lace or pairing it with hard accessories, you can create a dry, cool, and mature style.

You can create Reiwa trend fashion

Kimono coordination that boldly uses lace can be said to be a unique way to express yourself in the Reiwa era.
Even a traditional and simple kimono can be transformed into a Reiwa trendy fashion just by incorporating lace!
It will be a stylish outfit that is sure to get noticed on SNS.

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How to incorporate lace into your kimono coordination [Kimono/Haori]

If you want to bring out the presence of lace in Japanese clothing, we recommend using lace in a kimono or haori that wraps around the body.

Lace kimono

Lace kimono refers to kimonos that have lace material or patterns on them.
A feature of this kimono is that you can enjoy a modern kimono style with just one piece, without using lace accessories.

Lace haori/shawl

Wearing a lace haori or shawl over your kimono will instantly give it a different look.
It’s a useful item during chilly weather or when it looks like it’s going to rain.

How to incorporate lace into your kimono coordination [Obi related]

Incorporating lace around the obi instantly gives an ordinary kimono a glamorous look.

Lace belt

A lace obi is an obi with a lace pattern. In some cases, the obi itself is made of durable lace fabric.

The obi is a fashion item that can be viewed 360 degrees from the front, back, left, and right, so it can be coordinated with just as much impact as a lace kimono.
Depending on how you tie the obi, you can create different expressions.

Lace obi lifting

Obiage is a long thin cloth that is tied just above the obi. It also has the role of neatly arranging the back of the obi.

The key to creating a lace obi is that it is easy to try, even for those who are new to lace coordination.

Lace obi tightening

An obijime is a string that is tightened at the center of the obi. It supports the taiko knot of the obi so that it does not collapse, and serves to tighten the outfit.

Lace obijime often uses more delicate lace than other lace accessories. Suitable for those who want to use lace casually.

Lace obi closure

Obi-dome is a decoration attached to the obijime. There are various types such as metal and glass, and they can be worn as accessories.

Using a fluffy lace obi clip will give your kimono coordination a gentle overall impression.

How to incorporate lace into your kimono coordination [underwear/collar]

If you are an expert in lace coordination, why not try incorporating lace into your underwear and collar?

Lace half-collar/shirt

One idea is to use a lace half-collar for the collar that is visible from the neck of the kimono.
For a mix of Japanese and Western styles, a blouse or shirt with a lace collar is sometimes worn under the kimono.

Lace sleeves

It is also recommended to wear lace sleeves under the kimono so that it shows a little of your wrists every time you move.
Lace sleeves are easy to see when you’re wearing them, so they naturally lead to elegant movements.

Lace gloves

Lace gloves are the epitome of lace coordination.
They are easier to obtain than other accessories and can be used even when wearing clothes.

Lace tabi

Lace tabi socks give an elegant look to your feet, which tend to be plain.
Tabi sizes are measured in centimeters, so be sure to choose ones that are neither too loose nor too tight.

How to incorporate lace into your kimono coordination [Accessories/hair accessories]

Lace accessories and hair accessories are characterized by the fact that they can be easily modified in various ways depending on the person wearing them.

Lace drawstring bag/bag

Lace purses and bags are easy to incorporate into formal attire.
It can be used elegantly not only by young people but also by madams.

Lace umbrella

Lace umbrellas are an item that is both practical and fashionable.
It can also be used as a parasol in spring and summer, and as a rain umbrella during the rainy season.

Lace fan

A lace fan is a must-have item during the hot season.
Not only can you wear a fan while fanning, but you can also wear it on your obi for a stylish look.

Lace headband

Lace headbands are also recommended for those with short hair who find it difficult to arrange their hair in elaborate ways.
Especially ribbon-shaped ones are perfect for those who like cute things.

Materials that go well with kimono coordination using lace

Flowers, ribbons, pearls, etc. go well with kimono coordination using lace.
If you want to tighten it up in a dry style, you can also use leather strings.
The overall impression changes completely depending on what kind of material you use with the lace.

If you want to enjoy lace kimono coordination in Kyoto, “Waplus Kyoto” is recommended

Lace kimono coordination can be arranged into various fashions depending on the accessories used and the ideas of the person wearing it.

If you want to fully enjoy coordinating in kimono in Kyoto, why not try using the rental kimono shop “Waplus Kyoto? You can freely choose stylish items such as lace kimono and lace tabi, which are made by discerning kimonos.

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