[Gion Shijo] Attend a quaint and wonderful wedding in a rental kimono!

I want to attend the wedding of a close friend or my own child in a kimono! Many people may think so.
However, when it comes to actually wearing a kimono, many people feel anxious because there are so many rules that they don’t know about.
Therefore, in this article, we will tell you the important points to keep in mind when wearing a kimono at a wedding ceremony, divided by the relationship with the bride!

Formality is the key when choosing a wedding kimono!

Even if you think, “I want to wear a kimono at my wedding,” it doesn’t mean that you can wear any kimono.

Kimono has a certain formality, and the appropriate kimono will change depending on your relationship with the bride.

Please respect this formality, attend the wedding in appropriate attire, and celebrate the bride’s marriage to the fullest!

Attend as a friend

First, let’s talk about what kind of kimono is appropriate if you are attending as a friend of the bride!

For women, the kimono you can choose will differ slightly depending on whether you are single or married, so be sure to keep that in mind as well.

If unmarried

If you are an unmarried woman and want to attend a friend’s wedding, please wear a long-sleeved kimono or a visiting uniform!

Furisode may be thought of as being worn at coming-of-age ceremonies, but since it is considered the first formal attire (the most dignified attire) for unmarried women, it is also suitable for auspicious occasions such as weddings.

However, furisode is a kimono with many flashy patterns. On the wedding day, you don’t want to stand out more than the bride, so if possible, check in advance what color kimono or dress the bride will wear on the day.

Also, when it comes to furisode, it is best to avoid colors that would overlap with the white color of the bride, or the black color of the black tsumugi worn by her relatives.

Some people may be a little reluctant to wear long-sleeved kimonos because they have the image of being worn by young people. However, recently, an increasing number of people in their 30s and 40s are also wearing furisode. Don’t worry, as long as you choose a pattern that suits you, you won’t have any problems wearing a long-sleeved kimono.

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Now let’s talk about another option, the houmingi.

If you don’t really like long-sleeved kimono or want to wear a more chic and mature-looking kimono than long-sleeved kimono, we recommend this homongi!

Homongi kimonos often come in colors that are not too flashy, and the patterns are modest, allowing you to wear a calm atmosphere.

This kimono is a kimono that can be worn by many women, regardless of their age or whether they are married or unmarried. If you are wondering, “I want to wear a kimono, but what kind of kimono should I wear?”, you will definitely choose this Homongi!

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If married

If you are attending a wedding as a married person, please wear the “Homongi” introduced above.

Homongi is a kimono that can be worn by women of all ages, married or unmarried. It can be worn not only for weddings, but also for a variety of occasions such as shrine visits, Shichi-Go-San festivals, entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and tea ceremonies.

It has the highest formality next to Irotome Tsumugi, and basically it is not considered rude to wear it in any situation.

Homongi is a kimono with relatively modest colors and patterns, but if it’s a friend’s wedding, we recommend trying out brighter or trendy patterns!

Kyoto Bijin plan for visiting Kimono rental, Waplus Kyoto

If you are unsure about what kind of kimono to choose, please feel free to contact us Waplus Kyoto. We will help you choose the furisode and homongi that are perfect for you.

Attend as a sister or relative

Next, we will explain the case when attending as a sister or relative!

It is said that the closer the relationship with the bride, the better to wear a more formal kimono. Therefore, the appropriate kimono will be slightly different than when you are attending as a friend, as mentioned earlier.

If unmarried

If you are attending as an unmarried sister or relative, the first formal kimono attire will be a furisode. Therefore, if your older sister or younger sister is having a wedding, we recommend that you attend wearing a long-sleeved kimono!

Since the bride is the main character of the wedding and the closest relatives, choosing a slightly lighter color and pattern for the long-sleeved kimono will add color to the ceremony.

Furisode plan, Waplus Kyoto

If you don’t want a long-sleeved kimono, we recommend “Irotome Tsumugi,” which is the second most formal type of kimono after Furisode and Kurotome Tsumugi.

Irotome Tsumugi is a kimono with a calm atmosphere that has patterns only on the hem, and is worn in a variety of situations regardless of age or whether you are married or unmarried.

In addition, this colored pongee usually has a crest (family crest) on it. Among the crests, there are crests with one, three, and five crests, and if the bride has a close relationship with the bride, it is said that “three crests” or “five crests” are appropriate.

Finally, if you are a relative (such as a cousin) who is not a sister, there is no problem with visiting clothes.

The homongi introduced above, which has a pattern from the upper body to the hem, is more modest than a furisode, but more gorgeous than an colored pongee. Let’s wear a gorgeous-looking homongi and attend a wedding, which is a celebratory occasion!

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If married

If you are attending as a married sister or relative, please wear the first formal attire, Kurotome Tsumugi or Irotome Tsumugi.

The first formal attire for married women is said to be Kurotome Tsumugi. If you have ever attended a wedding, you may have seen the bride’s mother wearing Kurotome Tsumugi. Literally, it is a black kimono with basically five crests, and it is a formal kimono with a very impressive appearance.

If you are a little reluctant to wear the same kimono as the bride’s mother, we recommend Irotome Tsumugi. As I mentioned earlier, Irotome Tsumugi, which has a pattern only on the hem and a crest, is the second most prestigious kimono after Kurotome Tsumugi.

If you wear these Kurotome Tsumugi or Irotome Tsumugi, your married sisters and relatives will be able to attend your wedding without any disrespect!

Participating as a mother

If you are attending a wedding as a mother, be sure to wear Kurotome Tsumugi!

As explained above, Kurotome Tsumugi is a black kimono with a pattern on the hem, and is the most formal kimono with five crests.

Even at a wedding, just by wearing this Kurotome Tsumugi, everyone will recognize you as the mother of the bride or groom, or a close relative.

Let’s watch your child’s special stage by wearing the most formal black tsumugi!

Attending as a father

If the mother attends the ceremony wearing Kurotome Tsumugi, there are many cases where the father also attends in a kimono to match the mother.

The first formal Japanese attire worn by men on such occasions is a crested haori and hakama. Haori and hakama with crests have a heavy presence and strength. Let’s celebrate the special occasion of your child’s marriage by wearing traditional Japanese formal attire!

Recommended rental kimono shops

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Summary|Enjoy your wedding by wearing a formal kimono that suits you!

Up to this point, we have talked about the kimonos that women should wear to weddings, categorized by relationship, such as friends, sisters/relatives, and mothers.

Kimono has a formality, so many people say, “I want to wear a kimono to a wedding, but I don’t really know what to wear…” or “I’m not sure if it’s okay to wear the kimono I already have…” There are many people.

If you have such thoughts, please feel free to contact the staff at Waplus Kyoto, which specializes in kimonos! We will help you choose a kimono that suits the relationship between you and the bride, as well as one that suits your tastes.

Wear a nice kimono that suits you and enjoy the sunny occasion of your wedding!

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