I want to go out in a rental kimono! What kind of place is Yasaka Shrine, a tourist spot in Kyoto?

The main tourist attraction in Kyoto is Yasaka Shrine in Higashiyama Ward. Have you ever been there?
Yasaka Shrine is called “Gion-san” and “Yasaka-san” by the people of Kyoto, and is loved by people of all generations.

This time, we will talk about Yasaka Shrine.
●The enshrined god
●Characteristics of the building
I have summarized the following.

Whether you’ve been to Yasaka Shrine or not, please use this as a reference to rediscover the charm of Kyoto!

What kind of god is enshrined at Yasaka Shrine?

The main deity enshrined at Yasaka Shrine is “Susano no Mikoto, Gozutenno.”
In the main area called the main shrine, each god is enshrined in the Naka-goza, East-Goza, and West-Goza.

The middle throne is Susano no Mikoto

Some people may have heard of Suhoson from the story of “Slaying Yamata’s Orochi” in the Kojiki.
Suho no Mikoto was born along with Amaterasu Omikami and Tsukuyomi through the purification of Izanagi no Mikoto.
Since he has overcome many hardships and hardships, it is said that he has benefits such as good health and warding off evil spirits.

The east throne is Kushiinada Hime no Mikoto

Suho no Mikoto took his daughter Kushiinadahime no Mikoto as his wife, transformed her into a comb, and stuck it in his hair.

In addition to Kushi Inadahime no Mikoto, the east throne enshrines Kamuoiichihime no Mikoto and Samirahime no Mikoto, who are also the wives of Susho no Mikoto. It is being

The west throne is Yahashira Mikogami

Yabashira Mikogami refers to the Mikogami of the eight gods of Suhoson. Mikogami refers to God in a parent-child relationship.
The eight gods are Yashima Shinomi no Kami, Itakeru no Kami, Ootoshi no Kami, Oyahime no Kami, and Senzu. Hime-kami (Tsumatsu-himenokami), Uka-no-mitama-kami (Ukanomitama-kami), Oyabiko-kami (Oyabiko-kami), and Suseri-bime-no-mikoto (Suseribime-no-mikoto).

In the nearby shrine is also enshrined Inada no Miyanu Shisugano Yatsumi no Kami, the parents of Kushi Inada Hime no Mikoto.

Many deities are enshrined outside the main shrine and outside the precincts

Yasaka Shrine has many shrines lined up surrounding the main shrine, and many gods are enshrined there.
・Amaterasu Omikami
・Toyouke no Omikami
・Mike Tsukami
・Oyamakui no Kami
・Omononushi no Kami
・Tenmoku Ichikagami
・Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto
・Mikoto Sarutahiko
・Mikoto Uzume
・Ootoshi no Kami
・Izanagi no Mikoto
・Izanami no Mikoto
・Hakusan Hime no Mikoto
・Homusubi no Mikoto
・Kanayama Hiko no Mikoto
・Iwanagahime no Mikoto
・Amenokoyane no Mikoto
・Futunushi no Kami
・Takeminakata no Kami
・Oyama Kui no Mikoto
・Takeiwa Tatsunokami
・Asotsuhime no Mikoto
・Hayamikatama Mikoto
・Emperor Ojin
・Amenomihashira no Mikoto
・Kuni no Hashira no Mikoto
・Sukunahikona no Mikoto
・Takaokami no Kami
・Mizuhanome no Kami

When you line them up, there are so many that it’s spectacular.
Considering that it is protected by so many gods, you can feel a sense of power just walking through the grounds.

What kind of blessings does Yasaka Shrine have?

The main shrine of Yasaka Shrine is said to have the following benefits:
・Warding off evil spirits, warding off disasters
・Household safety
·Prosperous business
・Academic achievement
・Easy delivery

In addition to the above, at other companies, you can also expect the following benefits:
(*Compatible companies are listed in parentheses.)
・Beauty prayer (Bigozensha, Itsukushimasha)
・Escape the plague (Epidemic Shrine)
・Physical health (Oijingu Shrine)
・Direction (Hiyoshisha)
・Signpost (Otasha)
・Entertainment (Itsukushimasha, Otasha)
・Knife memorial service (Knife Shrine)
・Good luck (Gyokuko Inari Shrine, Myobu Inari Shrine, Dainen Shrine)
– Rich harvest (Gyokuko Inari Shrine, Myobu Inari Shrine, Dainen Shrine)

Regardless of age or gender, I’m sure you’ll be able to find at least one prayer that interests you.
In addition to worshiping, you can also pray for Shichi-Go-San, bad years, and life rituals.

What kind of buildings are there on the grounds of Yasaka Shrine?

Another point of Yasaka Shrine is that architectural styles from the Middle Ages to the present day have been passed down unbroken, and there are many buildings with high historical value.

The main hall of Yasaka Shrine, designated as a national treasure

The main shrine of Yasaka Shrine was designated as a national treasure in December 2020.
It has a unique architectural style that has continued since the Heian period, with the main shrine and worship hall covered by a large roof, forming one building. It is the largest main hall of the shrine, with a roof area of 1,320 square meters.

The interior of the main shrine is characterized by its complex structure, which is divided into many sections.
Below the main shrine is a pond, and it is said that there is a dragon hole where a blue dragon lives. It is currently covered with plaster. “Invisible” is also popular because it is mysterious.

Many other important cultural properties

In addition to the main shrine, Yasaka Shrine has 29 important cultural properties both inside and outside the shrine grounds.
Please take a look around not only the shrine but also every corner of the shrine, including the tower gate and torii gate.

When does the history of Yasaka Shrine start?

Let’s take a quick look at the history of Yasaka Shrine.

There are two theories about the beginning

There are two main theories regarding the creation of Yasaka Shrine.

Theory 1

In 656, Irishi, who came from Goryeo, enshrined the local deity, Suho, in Yasaka-go, Atago District, Kuni.

Theory 2

In 876, Ennyo, a monk from Nanto, built a temple here, and Tenjin (Gion God) descended on the Gion forest at the foot of Higashiyama.

Later recognized as one of the prestigious “22 companies”

In 877, when an epidemic occurred, prayers were offered to Gion Shrine and the epidemic stopped, and the shrine developed as a shrine.
In 995, it was recognized as one of the 21 (later 22) shrines, and has continued to this day with the support of many worshipers.

What is Yasaka Shrine’s Gion Festival?

Speaking of Yasaka Shrine, the Gion Festival, which boasts a tradition of over 1100 years, is also famous! Let’s check out the timing and meaning of the Gion Festival.

Gion Festival period

The Gion Festival is a huge event that lasts for a month, from the “Kichifuiri” on July 1st to the “Natsukoshi Festival” on July 31st.
In July, the sound of Gion Hayashi resounds, and the whole of Kyoto is filled with the excitement of religious rituals and events.

The meaning of Gion Festival

It is said that the Gion Festival began as a festival at Yasaka Shrine, which was held to pray for the peace of the nation and the eradication of epidemics.
Bamboo leaf dumplings, which are handed out only during the Gion Festival in July, are a symbol of protection against epidemics and disasters.

The main feature of the festival is the circulation of three portable shrines. It can be said that the music called “Kon Chiki Chin” not only conveys various prayers, but also plays a role in uniting and livening up the hearts of the people of Kyoto.

*Reference: Kyoto Gion Yasaka Shrine official website

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Enjoy the charm of Kyoto at Yasaka Shrine!

We have introduced the characteristics and history of Yasaka Shrine.
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