On your Kyoto yukata date in September, let’s go to the best spots from Yasaka Shrine!

I want to go to Kyoto and go on a yukata date in September, when it starts to get a little cooler and you can feel the autumn atmosphere! I think there are many couples who think so.

At Waplus Kyoto, which is close to Yasaka Shrine, which is famous for the Gion Festival, we also have a yukata rental plan for couples! If you request a yukata in the couple’s kimono rental plan, you can enjoy a yukata date as a couple.

Couple kimono rental plan, Waplus Kyoto

July and August were extremely hot in Kyoto, but the heat has subsided a little in September, so why not wear a yukata and visit photogenic spots?
I’m sure you’ll be able to take lots of great photos that you can look back on and enjoy later.

Which is better, kimono or yukata in Kyoto in September?

When you’re thinking of visiting Kyoto in September, the first thing you’re worried about is, “How hot will it be in Kyoto in September?”

In fact, we often hear from our customers, “I thought it was already cool because it was September, but it was surprisingly hot” or “I thought it was already completely cool because it was September, but it was hotter than I expected.”

For this reason, many people are wondering whether it is better to wear a yukata or a kimono in Kyoto in September.

Kyoto is a basin where the temperature does not easily drop, so it can still be hot even in September. However, in general, the summer heat remains in early September, and the latter half of September is relatively cool and often feels autumn-like.

So, basically, we recommend choosing a yukata to wear in the beginning of September, and a kimono in the second half of September!

At Waplus Kyoto, of course, we also have couple plans for kimono as well as yukata, so please take advantage of it when you come to Kyoto in the second half of September!

Couple plan, Waplus Kyoto

The most reliable way is to ask a yukata or kimono rental shop, “How is the weather this September?”
When contacting us, please ask us, “I’m thinking of going to Kyoto in September, which would you recommend, a yukata or a kimono?” Our staff in Kyoto, who know the temperature of the year, will tell you whether it is better to wear a yukata or a kimono.
By contacting us directly, we will help you enjoy your yukata date without worrying about being too hot or too cold!

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3 photo spots that look great on a yukata date

Photogenic on a yukata date 3 photo shooting spots

There are many beautiful spots in Kyoto, including Yasaka Shrine. Here we will introduce Shimogamo Shrine, Ninenzaka/Sannenzaka, and Fushimi Inari Taisha, which are recommended spots for couples in Kyoto.

Shimogamo Shrine

Shimogamo Shrine is a shrine with one of the longest histories in Kyoto. Recently, it has become especially popular among women, as it is said to be a way to pray for beauty and matchmaking.

If you’re going as a couple, be sure to visit Kawai Shrine, which is located within the grounds of Shimogamo Shrine! Kawai Shrine is dedicated to Tamayorihime, who is said to be the god of protection and beauty for women. For this reason, in recent years it has become popular as a shrine for praying for beauty.

The votive tablets at this Kawai Shrine are shaped like hand mirrors, and it is said that by applying your own makeup to the votive tablets with your face painted on them, you can not only look beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside.

The line of votive tablets with cute faces on them is one of the best spots to see. Please try applying makeup to the votive tablets yourself and take a photo!

By the way, Shimogamo Shrine is also relatively easily accessible. From Waplus Kyoto, you can get there in about 30 minutes by bus or train!

■Shimogamo Shrine
■Address: 59 Shimogamo Izumigawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0807
■Shimogamo Shrine official website


Ninenzaka, Sannenzaka

Next, we will introduce Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka. Here you can enjoy a very Kyoto-like atmosphere. This is because there are many old temples, Japanese houses, and townhouses left around this road!

So, for those who have come all the way to Kyoto and want to enjoy the Kyoto-like atmosphere, we recommend Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka as perfect photo spots.

Although there are some Japanese houses and townhouses left, this is also a famous tourist destination, so there are many shops and cafes. Even if you’re visiting as a couple, you’ll be able to visit the various souvenir shops, cafes, and cafes without getting bored.

Furthermore, at night, the lights of the shop create an even more magical atmosphere, which is sure to make a great photo! There are many tourist spots such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kodai-ji Temple, and Yasaka Pagoda, so you can take many Kyoto-like photos.

By the way, Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka are common names, and the official names are Nineizaka and Sanneizaka. Please note that the official name may be written on road signs, etc.

This is very close to Waplus Kyoto and can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot!

■Address: 2-chome Shimizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0862
■Yasaka Shrine approach Gion Shopping District Promotion Association https:/ /


Fushimi Inari Shrine

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is one of the most famous tourist spots, and has been ranked as the “No. 1 popular tourist destination in Kyoto” on TripAdvisor.

What makes Fushimi Inari Taisha so famous is, of course, its 1,000 torii gates! Its overwhelming scale and fantastic scenery leave a huge impression on visitors.

If you wear a yukata and take a photo inside the Senbon Torii gate, you will be able to take the best photo of the two of you in yukata.

Did you know that Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is actually quite large? It takes about 10 minutes to visit the Okusha shrine, but it takes more than 2 hours to reach Ichinomine, the peak of Mt. Inari where Fushimi Inari Taisha is located.

If you want to casually enjoy it as a couple in yukata, we recommend sightseeing at Okusha Hohaisho. Still, you can fully enjoy Senbon Torii!

■Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
■Address: 68 Fukakusa Yabunouchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-0882
■Fushimi Inari Taisha official website

With Waplus Kyoto, you can go to any of the sightseeing spots introduced above within 30 minutes (Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot!). Why not go out wearing your favorite yukata at Waplus Kyoto, which is conveniently located for sightseeing in Kyoto?

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Three things to keep in mind when going on a yukata date in Kyoto

Yukata date in Kyoto 3 things to keep in mind: width=

Here are three things to keep in mind when going on a yukata date.

If you are not used to wearing a yukata or this is your first time playing in a yukata for a long time, please check it out!

Choose geta that are easy to walk in

Actually, there are many types of geta.

There are Koma geta, which have two teeth on the bottom, Nomeri, which have diagonal teeth in the front, and Ukon geta, which have low teeth and are easy to walk in, but if you are not used to wearing them, try Ukon geta or sandals. We recommend that you select .

There is also nothing wrong with wearing comfortable shoes. It is also possible to match shoes with a yukata, like Ryoma Sakamoto, who wore boots with a hakama.

The most important thing is whether you can thoroughly enjoy your yukata date. If you have any concerns about wearing geta, please contact us in advance!

Inquiries, Waplus Kyoto

Take measures to prevent foot pain

If you wear geta or zori sandals, it is important to take measures to prevent your feet from hurting.

Wearing geta or zori sandals that you are not used to wearing can cause the thong to get stuck between your fingers, causing pain. We recommend taking measures such as applying a bandage to the area where the thong touches or using a thong cover!

Find a shop that will fix your misalignment

Some of the kimono shops and kimono rental shops in Kyoto have shops that will repair your worn kimono.

If you are not used to wearing a yukata or kimono, we recommend that you find out in advance where such shops are located so that you can get your clothes fixed in case you accidentally wear a yukata or kimono.

On a date in a yukata, you want to enjoy it in your most beautiful form. Be prepared so that you don’t have to stay completely undressed!

Yukata rental plan, Waplus Kyoto

Summary|Enjoy your yukata date to the fullest at a photogenic spot!

Yukata date at a photogenic spot Enjoy it to the fullest!

Regarding the Kyoto yukata date in September, we have told you about recommended spots to look great and things to be careful about when sightseeing wearing a yukata.

September is a good time for sightseeing as the summer heat gradually eases. The season is coming. The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a yukata date with your lover!

Why not change into a yukata at Waplus Kyoto, which is located near famous tourist spots such as Yasaka Shrine, Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka, and create some wonderful memories for the two of you, perfect for the start of autumn?

Couple plan, Waplus Kyoto


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