Popular with women! Introducing power spots in Gion Shijo that you can visit with a rental kimono

When you think of Kyoto, there are many people who feel a pious atmosphere that cannot be expressed in words, such as temples and shrines with a deep history, and beautiful nature.
Therefore, this time, we will introduce power spots around Gion Shijo for women who want to absorb a lot of good energy while sightseeing in Kyoto’s famous spots.

If you want to enjoy sightseeing while wearing beautiful clothes, we recommend renting a kimono. Let’s charge up your energy by visiting traditional kimonos and power spots.

Charm of power spots around Gion Shijo

The power spots around Gion Shijo have the following charms.

  • Many spots with stories
  • Many benefits for women
  • Enjoy the fusion of history and modern sensibilities

Gion is a historic area that is synonymous with Kyoto.
It is a place where many stories have been passed down, such as Susano no Mikoto, who appears in the Kojiki, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a feudal lord from the Sengoku period. There are many historical buildings and nature that has been preserved for generations, giving you a good energy and a sense of the weight of history.

In addition, the shrines and temples around Gion Shijo have many blessings, especially for women.
Each of these shrines has benefits such as “bringing you a good match,” “leading to an easy childbirth,” and “beautifying your mind and body,” and there are many shrines that you’ll want to visit with friends, lovers, and family.
Whether you pray with great enthusiasm or pray when you just visit, it may become an important turning point in your life.

How to enjoy power spots around Gion Shijo

You can enjoy the area around Gion Shijo to the fullest by keeping the following points in mind.

  • Search by benefit
  • Trace from the nearest place
  • Enhance your extraordinary mood with rental kimono

There are many shrines and temples within walking distance from Gion Shijo. If you’re wondering where to start, we recommend researching the benefits of each.
It’s exciting to explore randomly, but it may be difficult to visit everything due to time and physical strength. In order to increase efficiency, it is a good idea to do some research and follow the directions from a nearby location.

Also, if you want to go sightseeing in a way typical of Gion, using a kimono rental service is the perfect way to enhance your extraordinary feeling!
Even if you are a bit nervous about wearing a kimono when you go out, you can easily enjoy kimono fashion in Kyoto, which has over 1,000 years of history and is a place where many tourists enjoy Japanese culture.
At an affordable kimono rental shop, you don’t have to worry about dressing up or cleaning up. Enjoy your own kimono style while consulting with a professional coordinator.

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Power spot (1) Yasaka Shrine

■Location: 625 North side of Gion-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0073
Yasaka Shrine official website

A must-visit place around Gion Shijo is Yasaka Shrine.
Yasaka Shrine is a place that has been affectionately called “Gion-san” by the people of Kyoto for generations, and the main shrine is designated as a national treasure. It is also a spot full of energy, with many other shrines and shrines valued as important cultural properties.

If you want to ward off evil spirits, disasters, and get rid of epidemics, visit the main shrine

The main shrine in the center of Yasaka Shrine enshrines the couple of Suho no Mikoto and their children (Yashibashira Mikogami, etc.).
There is a large pond below the main shrine, and it is said that the auspicious blue dragon lives here. The blue dragon has a flow of energy that means “sun”, “birth”, “morning”, etc., and it is said that it has a good luck effect.

The main shrine’s blessings are warding off evil spirits, warding off disasters, family safety, business prosperity, marriage, academic success, and safe childbirth.
Legend has it that the development of Yasaka Shrine began when an epidemic occurred in 877 (the first year of the Genkei era), and prayers were offered there to stop the epidemic. The main shrine can truly be said to be a spot that has a deep connection to recent times and to us.

For matchmaking, go to Okuninushisha

There is Okuninushi Shrine (Okuni-san) near the prayer reception on the side of the main shrine.
The main deity enshrined at Okuninushi Shrine is Okuninushi from the myth “The White Rabbit of Inaba.” When the white rabbit of Inaba was suffering, he was saved by the kind-hearted Okuninushi, and the two were brought together in a happy marriage.

There are cute wishing goods such as “votive tablets for good match” and “wishing rabbits” that will naturally bring a smile to the faces of visitors.

If you want to pursue beauty, go to Bigozensha

If you want to be beautiful, don’t pass by Bigozensha!
Bigozen Shrine is dedicated to the three goddesses known as the gods of beauty: the eldest daughter, Tagiribime no Mikoto, the second daughter, Tagitsuhime no Mikoto, and the third daughter, Ichikishimahime no Mikoto. (Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto)” is enshrined here.
Many people attend, including maikos, geishas, people in the entertainment industry, and people in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Right next to Migozen Shrine, the sacred water “Beauty Water” is gushing out. Although it is not for drinking, it is customary to apply two or three drops of the beauty water on your skin after visiting the shrine.
In addition, please check out “Mimori (amulet)”, “Bigozensha Ema”, and “Beauty-san of Kyoto/Gion (oil blotting paper)”.

Power spot (2) Maruyama Park

■Location: Maruyama-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0071
Maruyama Park official website

Maruyama Park, designated as a scenic spot, is located at the back (east side) of Yasaka Shrine.
While it is a tourist spot, it is also a place of relaxation for Kyoto citizens, and a place where you can feel the breathing of the people living in the Gion area.

If you want to feel the changing power of nature, visit weeping cherry blossoms

The symbol “Single White Higan Shidarezakura” in the center of Maruyama Park is a second-generation cherry tree grown by collecting seeds from the first generation cherry tree, which is 200 years old. Even now, the cherry blossom guardians are carefully managing and nurturing the trees, and you can see the passion that the people of Kyoto have for cherry blossoms.

If you want to feel the weight of history, visit the bronze statues of patriots at the end of the Edo period

As you go up the slope of Maruyama Park, you will see the bronze statues of Ryoma Sakamoto and Shintaro Nakaoka.
Although the statue was erected in 1936, it was confiscated to secure metal resources during World War II. The one that currently stands was rebuilt in 1962 by volunteers from the Kochi Kenjin Association.
Why not think about Japan’s history while looking at the statues of great people?

Power spot (3) Ebisu Shrine

■Location: 125 Komatsu-cho, Shijo Shimoru, Yamato-oji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0811
Kyoto Ebisu Shrine official website

Ebisu Shrine was built as a guardian shrine for Kenninji Temple.
Ebisu is the god of business prosperity. He is also the only god born in Japan among the “Seven Lucky Gods,” which are said to be formed by combining the gods of Japan, India, and China.
There are many events held throughout the year, including the Toka Ebisu Festival in January, so be sure to check them out before you go.

Power spot (4) Yasui Konpira Shrine

■Location: 70 Shimobentencho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0823
Yasui Konpiragu Official Website

Yasui Konpiragu Shrine is said to “cut all bad relationships and create good ones.”
What differs from general matchmaking shrines is that it also focuses on “enkiri”. It is said that Emperor Sutoku, the main enshrined deity, went to Sanuki’s Kotohira Shrine, cutting off all desires and entombing himself. For this reason, it is also visited by people who want to get rid of bad friends, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, etc.

By cutting off bad things, you will find new good connections. Don’t worry, even if you visit with your significant other, your favorite friends, or family, your ties will not be severed.

Enjoy visiting the famous spots around Gion Shijo in a rental kimono♪

We have introduced power spots within walking distance from Gion Shijo.
Although it is called a power spot, the benefits and energy you can feel are various. If you have something you want to accomplish or are worried about, do some research in advance to find a place that is suitable for you.

Additionally, if you want to stretch your back and enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto in a cheerful mood, we recommend trying on a kimono at a rental kimono shop.
At the rental store, you can enjoy coordinating kimonos from elegant simple kimonos to trendy kimonos with lace at affordable prices to suit all generations and tastes. Please consider this to make your visit to the power spots memorable.

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